Find A Brilliant Builder in Manchester ?>

Find A Brilliant Builder in Manchester

Top tips for finding the best BUILDERS MANCHESTER has trained up from apprentice level.

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Fully Trained Builder

So you are looking for a BUILDER IN MANCHESTER who will conduct himself professionally and produce an exceptional standard of work?

Well that’s great because we promote the best Manchester builders and want you to receive the very best value for money.


We are here to help you in your search for the perfect construction professionals and so we have a simple check list for you to follow:


  1. Start your search for good builders by getting a referral from a friend, neighbour or family member who have had work done recently. Ask the builder how long they have been trading and what experience they have
  2. Do not be fooled by badges or other marks of authority.  Check the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 which states that it is an offence to falsely claim affiliations or memberships of bodies, including trade associations or recommended lists such as the approved builders list from Manchester city council There are many cases of builders fraudulently claiming membership of official trade associations such as The Builders Guild so ensure that you call and check that they are bona fide members
  3. Ask for references and check them. Contact the people and ask if they were happy with the quality of the workmanship
  4. If  you have a shortlist of builders Manchester citizens advice bureau always recommends that you obtain quotations with all details of what is included given to you in writing
  5. This should include maintenance, labour, clearance, materials and supplies. Request confirmation as to whether planning permission is required as every builder Manchester City Council has on its approved list will know the procedures and what can and cannot be obtained.
  6. Avoid a cash deals with no paperwork as you will not have a valid contract
  7. Put details of the job down in writing, the more thorough the better. Your contract should make clear all work to be done, start/finish dates, security measures and safety, costs of work and materials, any payment plans available, total hours of work and finally the arrangements for cleaning up and disposal of waste materials
  8. Be direct on the subject of money with your builder and agree payment terms clearly in writing. Most Manchester builders have been trained to be transparent and professional about dealings with money
  9. Do not pay up front or even a cash deposit. This should not be needed unless special materials are required or the job is going to take a long time to complete
  10. Do they offer a guarantee? A new build construction will need a guarantee on the property and the kind of builder Manchester Council has encouraged will have no hesitation in offering a guarantee to support his work
  11. Ask if they are insured. All builders in Manchester must have cover to protect all parties against property damage as well as personal injury and public liability cover